About Us

There’s nothing like the feel of a fish on the line, the sound of the reel screaming, the sound of the surf crashing or the sensation of the boat rocking hours after you are back on land. ¬†Or the sun on your face and the salt on your skin. That’s what we are about, saltwater fishing, diving, beach, boat, surf…whether you are on the shore of the Carolinas or beaches of Florida. We encourage you to go get some adventure, escape the daily routine, live your saltwater dreams, satisfy your salt craving.

At Ocean Outpost, we are here to help by providing clothing and products that you won’t find anywhere else. Our designs are unique and are created by us or for us by artists and designers who get it. Whether you are taking a quick break from the day to day or heading out for a full blown adventure, take us with you.

In May of 2012 we were hanging out on the beach on the southern tip of South Bimini, taking it easy after a few days of fishing and diving when the concept for Ocean Outpost was born. We would build a saltwater lifestyle clothing company to promote the concept that adventure is within reach…while giving back to the community and having some fun along the way.


Satisfy Your Salt Craving

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